Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Don't you hate it when your on a roll and all of a sudden your weight creeps back up overnight. It can be soo frustrating, and can have you scratching your head. But don't be alarmed, this is totally normal.

Your body does funny things, especially when your trying to lose weight. Unfortunately weight loss isn't a steady drop like we all would like. It jumps up and down. But why??

Water weight:

The amount of water your body retains can vary from morning to night, and day to day. If you were to drink more water/consume more carbs (carbs retain water) one day, your weight would go up...Now if you were do the opposite of these, your body weight is more likely to drop.

Digestive tract:

What you hold in your digestive tract will affect your weight, because the food you ate hasn't be extorted. So if you were to more towards the end of the day, or a bigger meal at night, the number you see on the scale the morning after is more likely to have gone up.

Measurement reliability:

Try to use the same scale, measure at the same time of the day, and butt nude. This gives you the most reliable weight reading. But changing between scales, time of the day, and with clothes, the scale weight will vary.

Hormonal changes:

This is more for the ladies. It is very common for a females weight to fluctuate throughout the month due to their cycle. Hunger, motivation, and water continues to shift throughout the month due to changes in their hormones. 

So you see just why your weight moves the way it does. But unfortunately you can't control some of these variables. Try to be as consistent as you can be, with your food, when you eat, your water intake, and when/how you weigh yourself. This will paint a better picture of your weight loss journey.

For more further information or more questions, please feel free to contact me info@redefineme.com.au and keep up-to-date with me on Instagram @redefineme.au

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