Updated: Mar 26, 2020

We often we hear fitness professionals, dietitians and nutritionist alike rave about how important calories are. And look, we agree they are right to a degree. When you’re an athlete training to improve your performance, calories matter. When you’re an athlete needing to make weight or a certain body composition, calories matter. When you’re trying to lose weight. Calories matter. But when do they not matter??

When you feel comfortable within yourself. When you feel like your body is performing well and your happy with how you look butt naked. Then, until then, calories really won’t matter. Because when you reach this point, this level of happiness, what and how much you eat doesn’t require the same amount of energy and time previously invested.

So much stress is on dieting, and restricting certain foods or food groups to cut calories. But this doesn’t necessarily mean we need to do it till we die. Ask anyone who counts calories, whether they really enjoy hitting 150g of carbs everyday, or skip breakfast because they are too scared to exceed their calorie requirements for the day. A… it is not sustainable and B. your quality of live will diminish.

There is a time and place to count calories and depending on your situation and your goal, do as so you choose. For any questions, or any feedback, please drop it below. Or otherwise feel free to email us info@redefineme.com.au

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