We have all been there too. Staying up and scrolling through the gram, watching that one more episode on Netflix…if you making all the effort with your diet, and putting in the hard yards in the gym, sleep is something you shouldn’t take for granted. You shouldn’t look at sleep as optional, especially if you want to manage fatigue, optimise recovery, or drop those last few kilos.

We generally recommend a min of 7 hours per night, however this will different between individual. Although there are some unique cases where some people have reported to manage just fine with as little as 5 hours sleep…hard to believe - we know.

But hey, if you find yourself waking up grumpy, and find yourself sleepy throughout the day…there is a good chance you’re not getting enough sleep. Take note of these clear signs’ guys and girls, because if this accumulates over a few weeks and you could find your,

- Performance drop

- Training capacity also decline

- Overall mood drops, and find yourself struggling emotionally

- Immune system drops, and risk illness

- Decision making process around food and portion also tends to be affected

- Ability to concentrate and be productive at workout also drop

So if you want to clean up your bad sleeping habits, we’ve come up with some basic tips:

- Create a night-time routine, this will help you be organised and have you clam before bed so sleep better

- Trial and develop a sleeping plan that works for you. Can you function on 6,7,8 more or less? Try and find out

- Reduce blue light-time (ie screen time) 30-60min before you sleep

- Avoid caffeine (fat burners, coffee, teas etc) after 3pm

- Ensure you room temperature is comfortable (ie adjust blankets, fan etc)

- Listen to calming or mediation like tunes before you go to bed. Clear your mind, and slow your heart rate

These are only times, and unfortunately, they will take time to work. So if your serious about bettering your health, and performance, make an effort and aim to improve your sleep. For any more questions, or feedback, please feel free to drop it below or send us an email

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