Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The smell of fresh mince pie, Prosecco lining your fridge doors, and the array of deli meats and prawns that pack your is soo easy to fall off the wagon. So it's important especially this time of the year to keep active and not overeat.

You don't want to find yourself come New Year, your 2kg or even 5kg heavier because you've simply given up or thought you'd have a break (you'll regret me). Raise your hand if this has happened to you previous years??

Well, it's time to take charge of your health and wellbeing this time. Here's some simple moves to help you keep on track over this festive season;


Don't wait for the 'new year' to start up again. Set yourself 'me time' and look after yourself and keep active this year. Even if it is a 15min run, this is far better than doing nothing. You could even look at dragging your workout buddy along so you both stay fit and healthy.


I hear soo many people eat with their eyes rather than their stomach. 'I just ate .... because it was there'...sound familiar?? This can be problem....So I encourage you to use your appetite to regulate what you actually eat. Control your portions and food choices with your stomach.


Just because it isn't food, don't forget alcohol also has calories (ie a standard glass of wine has 120 calories). Not only is alcohol is calorie packed, you are also more likely to make poorer nutrition choices. So be wary, and (a) control you are drinking habits (b) hold a glass of water and drink that instead.


You can see the chocolate n cheeses, smell the garlic bread and lasagne in the oven and you know very well there is pavlova in the fridge (because you saw aunty Paula bring it in). Temptations are everywhere!!! I'm not saying don't have anything, but choose wisely and don't over indulge.

It's Christmas after all, so try to have fun without regretting it in the new year...Feel free to #share this guide with your friends and family, and make this year different to the last....For further information or dietary questions, contact us and keep in touch with our Instagram

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