Updated: Feb 18, 2020

If you're new to the weights area, or thinking about jumping in on one of our strength classes (either Bikini Bod, Frontline or Hercules), we know it can be a tad intimidating. Not knowing what to lift, how to do the exercise correctly or safely, or even worried about what other people would think of you.

Look don't stress...we were all there at before, so we can relate. But this shouldn't stop you. Weights are great...they are great for toning those fabby areas (arms, inner thighs, stomach), boosting your metabolism (help you lose weight), and are great for preventing arthritis in the future. So you can see why you've gotta come give it a try. But here is some simply advice we give all our new members.


This is the most important of them all. Learn how to correctly and safely do the exercise. Now whether it is in our classes (we can help) or elsewhere. It would be a really good idea to invest in a coach to guide you the first few months at least. So you can grasp the fundamentals of exercise, develop a healthy routine and achieve better results.


Next we look at load. It's not a race to see who can lift the most. Start slowly, and then look at building on each performance. As long as your form stays strong, and you feel comfortable, then only then, should you increase the weight.

This advice is probably the two most important things any newbie that is new to strength training should know. Take it slow and do it correctly. If you want to join the crew, and want us to help you with the transition, feel free to drop us an email ( The girls and coaches are amazing..they are super friendly and happy to help. For more information and to stay in touch with what's going on, #follow our instagram page

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