Firstly, let’s make something clear. We do not, recommend that you use this time in isolation to try to lose weight. With some much going on, we really feel that you don’t need that extra pressure and stress in your life right now. So instead, use this time to refine how you eat.


Just because you have plenty of time, doesn’t mean you can bake the house-down and indulge in all these goodies you normally wouldn’t eat. It would be so easily for you to get out of rhythm with your diet, so try this. Stop and have a look at the foods you’ve been eating. Ask yourself are you having more sweet and savoury foods, maybe you still stocked up with chocolate Easter eggs from last week? You need to take some time to plan and review your eating habits and get into a new routine.


There are two key variables that influence lean muscle develop (i) resistance training (ii) protein. With the current situation, the first part might be difficult to achieve. Yes you may attempt higher reps, adjust the tempo etc…but ultimately it is not the same. So you need to ensure you keep on top of your protein intake…maybe even increase it a little more than normal (ie. 25g daily). Refer back to our online diet plan. But for those of you who do not have access, proteins include chicken breast, salmon, lean meats, yoghurts, eggs, and of course protein powder (we recommend True Protein).


TDEE- The total calories burnt throughout the day, through exercising, and moving. With planned exercise equating to roughly 10% of your daily expenditure, you would need to equate for changes in your intake especially when you consider a drop in weekly activity. For example, you may have gone from five workouts to 3 workouts each week. So let’s say your average calorie burn per session is 300calories, using this example above, you would be burning 600calories less than previously (5 workouts = 1,500cal, 3 workouts = 900cal).

Without overcomplicating it too much, if you were to divide 600cal across seven days (seven days in a week), you’d roughly need to reduce your daily calories by 85calories. Now that could be as simple as one less muesli bar, less rice or sweet potato for lunch or dinner. You simply need to take this into consideration if…and only IF YOU REALLY WANT to ensure your weight doesn’t creep up.

So with so much uncertainty around what the next few months have in stall for you, you should really focus more on what you can control…and that is your diet. For any further questions, or assistance, please feel free to reach out

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