Updated: Feb 18, 2020

This is my favourite breakfast. It's super quick to make, high in protein and rich in fibre.

Calories - 376

Macro-nutrient breakdown P28g F11g F40g


- Protein powder (1 serving)

- Unsweetened almond milk (200ml)

- Rolled oats (50g)

- Blueberries (50g)

- Cinnamon (1tsp)

- Stevia (1tsp)

- Desiccated coconut (1tsp) - optional

How to make it:

1) Combine all the dry ingredients (protein, rolled oats, cinnamon, stevia) in a small bowl or container.

2) Add unsweetened almond milk to dry mix and stir together.

3) Now add the blueberries and finish it off with some desiccated coconut or more cinnamon.

4) Pop it in the fridge overnight, and dig in the next day. Enjoy!!!

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