Updated: Feb 18, 2020

It's been on our minds as to what is better for fat loss and overall weight loss. We've all heard about the #KetoDiet (very low carb), and we've be warned about having too much fat is bad. Yet both have been quite popular, and celebrities all over the world have spoken about their success in each of these. But what is really better for you?

Well if you haven't read the recent research on this last year, they released some very interesting findings. There was a study was done on over 600 people for 12 months (which is massive). The low fat group lost 5.3kg, where as the low carb group lost 6.0kg. So signifcally there isn't much difference. So give this data, it doesn't really make much difference.

The bottom line...what do you prefer? Thats what you should be asking yourself.

What foods do you eat? What foods do you like? So whether you love your carbs or fats, choose a dieting approach your going to be happy with and stick to. So any more questions feel free to comment below or shoot as an email info@redefineme.com.au You can even stay in touch with us on Instagram and follow us @redefineme.au

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