Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Well only if you don't have one...Listen in people. It doesn't matter if your want to lose weight, or tone up or become fitter...buddying up has far more benefits that what you think.

Motivation and Fitspiration

Imagine hardly missing a workout again. That early morning message (are you coming to this mornings class?), group session reminders (which classes did you book in?), gym buddy selfies (all over instagram), your gym buddy can hold you accountable.

Faster Results

How good would it be having someone in your ear, pushing you and making sure you stay true to your goals. Whether its just showing up to the gym, or ordering healthy food options when you dish out at lunch...your gym buddy will influence the choices you make.


Want an excuse to spend more time with your friends?? Well, here you go ladies. Having your bestie by your side, every rep, every minute of your workout can do you wonder (especially in a new environment)

Similar Goals

Who has a friend that likes the same clothes, movies and or music? How good would it be if you also shared the same fitness/health goals? Bond over your love for squats, lifting heavy or running every Wednesday.

Fun, Fun, Fun

If you find working out a struggle, or maybe really boring and dull. Get yourself a gym buddy! Being able to laugh, encourage and motivate each other will help you stay on track, and make each workout soo much more enjoyable.

So ultimately ladies you could well benefit from training with your friends (as long as they don't talk too much haha)...take your training experience to a whole new level with your BF!!

Take charge together with this SHARED TRAINING SPECIAL (BUY 6 GET 1 FREE)For more further information or more questions, please feel free to contact me info@redefineme.com.au and keep up-to-date with me on Instagram @redefineme.au

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