We always hear people talk about how the lack motivation to train, motivation to eat healthy, motivation to stay on track. But after all these years of coaching, and watching how people behave and conduct themselves…long term change isn’t down to ‘being motivated’ - as we all might think…it is habits.

Here is how we look at it, right? Motivation won’t get you out of bed at 5am in the morning to workout. Motivation won’t stop you from snacking on chocolate, or eating more than you normally would. Motivation won’t keep you going when your weight stalls. But can you guess what might?

Habits. These little habits we do unconditionally, we do without second thought, make all the difference. Do you check your Instagram first thing every morning? Yes.. Well that is a habit. Imagine what life would be like if you made working out a habit. It would be a lot easier…we promise you this.

It may be difficult, it may take time at first, but hell…Rome wasn’t built in a day. So at first, we recommend you focus on what you want to change, what you want to achieve. Surround yourself with people that will help you transitioning and build an environment that will help you succeed…the same way you can create a good habit, the same way you can create a bad habit.

Take for instances, smoking socially and or drinking every Friday because that’s the weekend…Sound familiar? Do you remember how these all started? One week? Two week? Three weeks on …and you find yourself doing these things over and over without second guessing yourself. Well we want you to learn from these bad habits, to help create good healthy habits that will actually help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

So here is the thing. Focus on what you want. Think about how and what you can do right now to help you get to your goals faster. Ask yourself does your environment hinder or assist you each day in moving closer to your goals? ..Really think about it. Now plan what you need to do/change and do it…repetitively. And eventually, in time. These changes will soon become part of your daily lives, a habit.

Please feel free to share any thoughts below or shoot us an email info@redefineme.com.au

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