Updated: Feb 18, 2020

It's Christmas Eve, and you gotta agree with me, tomorrow is going to be a big one. From chocolate treats, the cheeses board and those well deserved drinks after yet another busy and stressful year....temptations are simply everywhere. So for you all who are focusing on weight loss year-round, you're probably asking yourself, 'how can I stay in shape this festive season?'

The main advice we have is for you all, is rather than trying to lose weight, how about you aim at managing your weight. Christmas only comes around one time of the year, and we won't you to enjoy it...but still not over indulge and regret those extra few plates or that extra piece of dessert. You really don't want to find yourself come the end of January feeling bloated, sluggish and feeling heavier than normal.

So there are a few ways you can still enjoy your Christmas and not gain those extra few kilos that you normally do.


Before you even show up for your Christmas lunch or know very well who is making what. You know your Aunty Judie is making your favourite peach pecan pie (or whatever it may well be). So make the decision before hand what you're going to eat. Try your best not to sway from this...before you know it, your three plates in.


You really need to look at setting boundaries, and not just with food...with alcohol as well. I can understand how tempting it may well be to want to try every little thing that's been laid out in front of you. But the key is portion control. Choose the food you like, and stop at just the one (try not to go back for seconds, or thirds). Look you could even opt for a smaller plate, that also helps.


With soo many super tasty fresh, grilled, baked, greasy and oily options the choice over Christmas Day just seem endless. It's your choice what you put on your plate, just don't look back like you did last year and say 'I shouldn't have had....'. Try to pick lean meats, baked vegetables and plenty of fresh can't go wrong.


You know that moment when you get through the crowd and you finally sit down and look at your plate...Your stomach starts to rumble because you're soo hungry and you can't wait to dig in. Before you know it, your full and you have food still left on your plate....What is it most of the time?? Salad?? haha Now if this is the case, why don't you try and eat the healthier foods first and leave the rest to last...just in case you get full this year...Fill up on the good stuff

Now with those five little tips, I'm sure you can take them into tomorrows lunch or dinner feeling more confident that this year wont be a repeat of last year. However, I encourage you to enjoy your Christmas and take a little step back.

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