Updated: Feb 18, 2020

We all want that ideal 'summer body' and are pretty much welling to try anything to get there FAST!! So what do we do?? Follow something we've seen online and try a fad diet that some celebrity you saw 'drop 25kg in 4 weeks'....

There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight and feel healthy...good on you if you do...but the way you go about it and how you optimise your diet can become a problem for some. Do these statements sound familiar?

- I can't have that...

- I can only eat at this time...

- I'm not going to eat dinner because I ate...

If you find yourself labelling food 'good' and 'bad' or follow some new 'diet' you could very well develop a poor relationship with food. Let's remember, food isn't a reward, it isn't the devil...FOOD IS FUEL. While this is the case, I also want you to be mindful of not overeating or starving yourself either. So how should you look at food?


You should to try to eat food at its most natural form. So things like fruits, vegetables and lean proteins should be your go to options. Build your meals and snacks around wholesome foods to keep your body functioning, performing and illness free.


You're not going to eat super clean 100% of the time, so allow yourself with a little play room. A bit of ice-cream and chocolate at the end of the day won't sabotage your weight loss efforts if you eating clean 80% of the time. Moderation and consistency is the key.


Weight loss and health isn't about being perfect. Taking a step back and taking a bit more relaxed approach when eating socially and emotionally. Having this outlook on food and eating can be beneficial for your long term efforts, when you take the traditional dieting feelings.

Adopt these approaches over the holiday season and try to stay focused as best you can. Good luck...For further information or dietary questions, contact us and keep in touch with our Instagram

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