Updated: Feb 18, 2020

It's that time of the year again, and you've might have put on a few extra kilos over Christmas and New Years. Like me, you've probably had a little too many drinks and a bit too much food. I can see why 'detoxes' are soo popular especially at this time of the year...but do they really work??

So they claim by eliminating certain foods, drink teas and taking some unsnarl supplements this will intern cleanse your body of toxins, restore your organ function to normal, provide you with more energy and even drop a few kilos...tempted?...or sound too good to be true?

We'll yes..despite all these claims there is no scientific-baking. With soo many detox diets emerging over the years, there is little evidence to suggest that they actually work or that they are even safe.

Here's the funny thing they don't tell you... OUR BODIES DO A GOOD JOB AT DETOXING IT NATURALLY ... thanks to our liver, kidneys, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. These organs help filter and remove any harmful substances (note: should your body not fight the threat (ie infection, genetic weakness or other illness), medical treatment will be required to manage and control the issue so it doesn't escalate). But hey, without any magic drink, your body can easily manage a few poor food choices over Christmas and New Years.

So if there is a detox that works, it's one that reduces junk foods, alcohols, increase wholesome foods, fibre rich and includes plenty of exercise. Something like this will get you feeling better and in shape in no-time....You really don't need to take something that has a 'detox' label.

So for more information, or any fitness/nutrition related questions, feel free to send them through to us Also stay in touch, with us via our Instagram page.

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