Updated: Feb 18, 2020

For a decade fat was the devil...we saw an influx of 'low fat, and 'diet' like products fill our fast forward to today and the same can be said about carbohydrates. Does 'low carb' and 'Keto' sound familiar???

Carbs aren't all bad as they seem. I've heard it all before...carbs are bad. Stop eating pasta, don't eat bread, put down that piece of cake....But the reality's not as simple as labelling them bad (or even good for that matter). Fruits have fruit bad for you? Vegetables have that bad for you too?

The reality is neither of these foods (breads, pasta, fruits and vegetables) are good or bad. They each contain vitamins and nutrients; and yes some are more nutrients reich than others. But they all have a place in our diets.

I hear people say 'carbs make me fat'...truth one known, yes I can....if you over consume carbs (just like fats and proteins)'s plain and simple. To lose weight you'd consume less calories, so it's no real surprise to gain weight you need to eat more. Although there has been concerns over how some people continue to overeat or over indulge when they're eating carbs....They just don't 'feel full' they continue to eat and eat. It's been reported that this is more commonly found among people who have diets higher in refined carbs (sweets, chocolate, soft drink etc). Yet, starchy and fibrous carbs have been found to keep you feeling fuller and more energetic all day long.

Most of you if not all of you reading this, exercises at some point during the week...correct? Did you know that carbohydrates are the bodies main energy source (glycogen) for fuel. Now if you cut them out completely because they are 'bad', do you think you'll be able to push yourself every workout?..Recover quicker?...Feel more energetic???...The answer...NO

So it's hard to label something bad, trust me you don't want to find yourself getting into that train of thought...You'll eventually develop a poor relationship with food. So what do I recommenced?? Focus on mainly consuming starchy and fibrous carbs, and a little refined carbs won't kill ya. You've gotta live after all. And if you want to lose weight, have a good look at how many carbs your actually eating (ie food diary or myfitnesspal) and look at decreasing the amount your having daily.

I have diets available on here that have proven to help teach people how to eat carbs and still look their best. Check it out here 'Better In Six Programme'. ...For further information or dietary questions, contact us and keep in touch with our Instagram

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