Updated: Feb 18, 2020

You might be thinking, 'what's better for weight loss? Cardio or weights?' It's not as straight forward as it seems...Most people jump on the treadmill and power through hours on end to drop weight. They are partially correct. But let's take a minute to break it down...


So, for one cardio training can burn far more calories than weights based workouts (or resistance training). As intensity rises, so does your heart rate and the calories burnt. I guess that's way high intensity training (HIIT) has become soo popular. But it doesn't stop there...


Well on the other hand, weights training produces a greater 'after burn' (calories burnt after exercise) than cardio. It can also aid in building muscle (toning up) and becoming stronger. But ity doesn't stop there. As this occurs your muscle mass increases and so does your resting metabolic rate (calories burnt at rest). So...

What would I suggest??...A COMBINATION OF THE TWO

Cardio alone won't tone you up or keep in you 'good' shape, whereas weights training alone might not get you the desired rate of weight loss your after. So how about you combine the two, with these simple rules to follow:

1- Increase muscle mass (tone) with more frequent weight sessions

2- Lift heavier weights (4-10 rep range would be ideal) and focus on compound lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press etc.)

3- Combine weights and cardio in a circuit (at the end of your workouts) AMRAP, Intervals etc.

4- Aim to do a minimum of 2 cardio training sessions per week (whether that's low or high

intensity cardio) - preferable on a day you don't do weights

For greater weight loss success, combine weights and cardio training together. If your local, come join us in your next workout, or check out our online 'Better in Six Program'. For further information or questions, contact us and keep in touch with our Instagram

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