Updated: Mar 9, 2020

When we hear people talk about weight loss, or read an article, or listen to a podcast, everyone has their own opinions on how to approach losing weight. With more than 80% of them claiming their approach is 'better' or 'the best'...So with all this conflicting information, what do you do right?? Well, let's get one thing right, the ground work needs to be done by you. People may try to support you, but you really need to make the changes to your life, to see any changes on the scales, and how your clothes fit.

Waking up early, eating a healthy breakfast, choose water over soft-drink, and going to be at a good time so you get 7hours min rest each night, will take you time and effort to change. But remember, it is a consistency game. You might slip up here and there, but you should aim to be as consistent as possible. So that brings, us to our top five pillars to finding that consistency, you might be laking.

Train your mind

You may have hear people say, weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise, and yes to a degree that is right, but let's not forget about our mindset. Creating a strong mindset is key to long-lasting behavioural change. We recommend that you listen to motivational speeches, expose yourself to inspirational quotes on a daily bases. Only 5min of the day, can help re-wire how you think about things, and how you approach situations.

Be prepared

Never underestimate having a plan and being organised. We've all seen the #sundaymealprep hashtags...this is exactly what we are talking about. Think ahead, be organised. From planning your meals, to your workouts, just like you planned your last holiday. You didn't just jump on a plane and have no accomodation booked did you?

Choose wisely

High fat? Low carb? High protein? Gluten-free? All these different food labels can make shopping for healthy food difficult. So forget about them all and we recommend that you try and buy mostly fresh wholesome foods. Stock up on greens, good quality cuts of meats and chicken, don't forget about your omega-3 in salmon and any other fish you like to eat.

Support is everything

Make sure everyone is on board. Your husband/wife, friends and any other family members you come into contact regularly. This is vital. It is pretty hard when your trying to eat healthy, when the other person on the other side of the table is devouring take-away or you more colleagues continuously bring-in bake goods everyday. So let me know, tell them your story and why you achieve this weight loss...fingers crossed they jump on board...(because we know some of them haven't in the past)

80/20 rule

We mention this one earlier in the blog. Let's be honest for a second, we eat food for more than just fuel. We use it to have fun, and celebrate special events. That is why we believe we should allow some flexibility in our diets. Following something super strict, 24/7 is a recipe for disaster. We guarantee you'll quickly hate it. So give yourself some leeway, just enough to live a little, but get right back on the horse right after.

So whether you are thinking about losing weight, or your currently trying to, we recommend that you address your current approach. Does it tick of the above? If not, it could very well be the missing link to you succeeding.

Please, feel free to drop a comment below, or send through any questions you may have. Good luck and stay positive guys xx

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