Better in 6 Weight Loss Programme

Take your body, and health to new heights with this specialised weight loss plan. In just 6 weeks you'll finally have the right plan to gear you in the right direction. Take your workouts and nutrition above and beyond. Reap the rewards today.

Unlock the new you in just 6 weeks

Are you sick and tired of not knowing what to do or eat to lose weight?

Sign up to your own 6-week weight loss challenge. I've developed a weight loss programme for you, based on my knowledge and successful experience over the past few years. 

Incl uded in your coaching is: 

  •  E-copy of the training plan (choose between 4 or 6 days per week)    

  • E-copy of my specialised fat loss meal plan

  • Plus calorie and macro-nutrient target (added flexibility)

  • Scientifically formulated, tested, methods for guaranteed results 

  • Handpicked exercises and training techniques formulated into 60min workouts

  • A guide to add muscle, build strength and burn fat

  • Carefully created simple, healthy and tasty meals/snacks by our nutritionist and experienced cook to fire up your metabolism

  • FREE home style workout so you won't miss a beat

  • An easy and simple progress tracking system



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You'll be contacted within 2-5 working days after your initial purchase


You agree to accept the medical and legal waver when purchasing one of these products. these fitness plans are not suitable for those who suffer from any exercise related chronic disease such as heart conditions, unexplained chest pains/dizzy spells, asthma, muscular, bone or joint issues. Additionally, Note these diets are not for those who suffer from any nutritional related chronic disease such as diabetes, chrones, celiac disease. If unsure, we recommend that you seek professional advice prior to purchasing this package 

*prior to purchasing please seek assistance with qualified health professional if you suffer from any illness or injury or metabolic conditions/allergies'

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